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Here at London we give you loads of Free Stuff!!

The London Team and residents are a multi-skilled multi-talented crowd and love to share their talents, skills and wisdom with others. So we offer you some of the fruits of our labours here.

We love to share in London and have found an opportunity to share stuff here too.  If you have anything you would like to share as well, please contact us here: or IM Debs Regent inSL or inAvination.

Here is a Superb Viewer Made By The London Team

Most people have a favourite viewer but wish it did just a little bit more - now it does !!

London Team Viewers

1. The Wabbit viewer. Has a Linden Lab version 3 style interface and colour scheme that modern viewer users are used to. It comes pre-configured with a great set of preference defaults. The viewer has lots of extras including advanced graphics. Made by Jessica London (Avination) / JWabbit Resident (Second Life)
Platform: 64-bit GNU/Linux
2. Wabbit Viewer for Windows. This includes Server Side baking and the new Materials feature. This feature enables you to define your own normals (bump maps) and speculars (shine maps) via normal textures. Speculars need to be defined in varying shades of grey (black to white and in between), Normals are defined as hightmaps, rather like scultpies except they don't change the prim's shape, just the bump-mapping. Made by Wiccy Shackleton (Avination & Second Life)
Platform: Windows


Book on How To Make Money in Second Life 

Debs Regent, founder of London inSL wrote a book on how to make money in Second Life from her own experiences and the experiences of others who have also been successful in making Virtual Worlds pay for them. Some so much so that they have made thousands of real dollars a month from virtual worlds. So find out how they did it and also find out your own strengths in a checklist to see what could make you a virtual millionaire!

For the FREE Book Click on the picture below and Enter this Coupon Code:  Nuj2bA9C4DfYGDHT


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