About Us

The London Sims are owned and operated by Virtually-Linked and are comprised of the following sims:
  • London Community 
  • London England, Hyde Park
  • London Mayfair
  • Kensington W8 London
  • Knightsbridge

Living in London

All of our sims offer detailed and spacious realistic homes for leasing.  Each home comes with security, a radio tuner, and the ability for you to purchase more prims.  Conveniently located near our homes are shops which sell a variety of items, so you do not have to look far for some of your favorite Second Life brands!

Shopping in London

Each sim features a wide range of shops, which houses some of the best items in SecondLife!  Our merchants sell things such as clothing, skins, hair, avatar accessories, homes, and gadgets.  London also has freebie shops for newcomers in Mayfair, Knightsbridge, and Hyde Park.

Entertainment and Events

All of our sims have at least one club and one pub, with all entertainment venue offering at least one live music event daily.  We also offer special events such as the Virtual London Fashion Week and concerts.  Check out our fashion show and entertainment blogs for more information on London events.  You can also join our groups inworld to keep up to date on events.

Realistic Buildings and Landmarks

Each sim features real life representations of real life London buildings and world famous landmarks.  An example of a Knightsbridge location in both real life and SecondLife:

Other stunning buildings are reproduced in Second Life and can be explored as they never could in the real world. Imagine vewing London from inside the Clock Room in Big Ben,

... or having a birdseye view of Hyde Park and Speakers Corner,

... entering the gates of Palace Walk

... and many other wonderful experiences.

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