London Sims in YouTube

Ever wondered what the most popular YouTube videos from the London sims are?

Here's the top 5 for you now:

1.  with almost 2000 hits, it's 'The 2012 Club DJ Molly with Gena Dry singing 'Boys Boys Boys'

DJ Molly was a regular at the 2012 Club and played a great selection of sounds. The track for this video is a song written by Gena Dry as a take off on 'Girls Girls Girls' by Sailor. Gena was one of the nicest and most talented ladies who sadly lost her life in 2010 at a very young age.

2. Over 500 views for the 'Penguine Cha Cha Cha in Hyde Park'

When 3 guys arrive wearing the same outfit, including penguin tux and top hat  - what do you do ?

That's right, get them to Cha Cha Cha together. However it didn't turn out quite how we expected, when we said play nice together, the boys started fighting. Penguins aren't regular inhabitants of Hyde Park, unlike the swans there, but at least they were amusing.

3. The sexy 'Greyhound Showstopers' hit us at 3rd place with 'Sex Bomb' & over 300 views

The Showstoppers are London's major Troubadours, always here to give you a fun time.. watch this video, it'll have you in stitches.. but be sure to watch on past the credits.. the best fun is there!!!

4. Next we have the lovely Gina Gracemount LIVE at The Greyhound with almost 15 views

A great songstress and composer, Gina originates from the UK but is now living in the USA. Her mellow sounds delighted the London audience and we bring a snippet of her singing here for you.

5. And finally in our top 5, 'Thriller in London'

How can we have a Top Video List in this season without including a seasonal video - this one has shots from all over London during the Halloween season - enjoy!

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