London inSL - Coach & Horses Pub 2013 October

Jack - lurking!
As always Jack is hanging out in a pub, lurking ready to pounce on his next victim. Who will she be? The unsuspecting Debi, a newbie just arrived and fresh meat. Or the enticing church-goers who's purity may be too much for him to devour. Halfpint looks tempting in her gallery. A nice target for him today.

Halfpint unsuspecting in her studio

All of London is filled with fear, from the newbie vampires to the knowledgeable and brave, like Wiccy. Although I think he may catch a tiger by the tail if he tries to catch that one.

Perhaps the couple at the secret cave are more to his liking?

Anyway., beware of the streets of London at night - 'Jack' lurks there!

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