How To Insert Pictures From 'Flickr' Into a 'Blogger' Blog Post

Posting to Blogger 1Posting pictures to a 'Blogger' blog from 'Flickr'.

This is a set of instructions to follow to enable you to embed a Flickr picture into a Blogger post like in the pictures below.

All pictures in this post were embedded using this method.

NOTE: this is just one way to do this - the other way means getting into the HTML code (more complicated)

1.  [FLICKR]  Find the picture you want to insert from Flickr e.g. I chose this one:

2.  [BLOGGER] Go to your blogger post and open it up for editing

3.  [BLOGGER] Make sure you have the 2 tabs in your browser open - Flickr and Blogger

4.  [BLOGGER] Go to the location in your Blogger post where you want to put the picture in

5.  [BLOGGER] Click on the 'picture' on the toolbar at the top

6.  [BLOGGER] The Select a file pop-out appears

7. [BLOGGER] Go to 'From a URL' at the bottom of the list and click in the box next to 'Paste an Image URL here:'

8.  [FLICKR]  Go to your flickr page - at the bottom right of your picture are 3 icons - a star, a speech bubble and a box with an arrow coming out of it

9.  [FLICKR]  Click on the box with the arrow - you get a pop up with a lot of options then 'grab the HTML/BBCode' (size etc doesn't matter because you will be removing most of the detail)

10.  [FLICKR]  Copy the text in that box - all that code in the box in flickr - remember you only want a small part e.g.the whole code I got is <a href="" title="20131005 JB Candi_016 by Londonopolis, on Flickr"><img src="" width="585" height="640" alt="20131005 JB Candi_016"></a> all I want from it is the second URL

11. [BLOGGER] From this code you you only need the part that starts http://farm...  so remove the rest of the code

e.g. I stripped the code out from the above and ended up with this code  that tells me where the picture is stored and saved online

12. [BLOGGER] Paste the part into the box which says 'Paste an image URL here:'

13. [BLOGGER] When you have done this, click 'add selected' it should now have inserted the picture into your blog post

FOOTNOTE: This Blog Post was filled with picture using this method.
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