Metaverse Week in Review with MalBurns Writer, Tara Yates

Debs Regent was lucky enough to be invited to Mal Burns and Tara Yates' Metaverse Week In Review (program below)

The weekly news roundup show for Second Life and  Open Sims.  The panel featured Petlove Petshop, Kylie Angel Skyborne, Panther Chenille and Debs.

The New Terms of Service by Second Life were discussed and we were lucky to share the panel with Kylie Angel Skyborne, curator of The Galleries at The Rose Theatre, where the UCCSL meeting was held.  Her input as fascinating following the discussion there yesterday which included lawyers.
This interesting discussion went alongside discussions about the upcoming  48 Hour Film Project Machinima competition being held by Panther Chenille. In RL, her name is Melissa Robison. She work with 48 Hour Film Project to bring the RL competition to Second Life:

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