An American Photographer in London....You thought I was going to say Werewolf, didn't ya?

The crisp autumn air has fallen over London. While sitting on a park bench near one of London's popular entertainment venues, Jelly Bean, you cant help but feel the buzz in the air about October and its upcoming events here. Local Merchants and Establishments, as well as many London Residents have began to decorate . Mixed in with the hustle and bustle you will find the occasional Guy Fawkes mask worn and, if you ask, Londoners will be happy to share the stories of his failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605 and the celebration known as Guy Fawkes Day, which happens every 5 November (though Halloween gives a wonderful excuse to celebrate early!) Goggle it! Good stuff!

Jason Keegan fashions his Guy Fawkes mask
created by Jessica Wabbit.

Little children summon you to join them in their eerie games.
You never know who you might run into....
Standing tall above all the goings~on is Big Ben.....set ablaze and lending a warm glow to the grounds below. And in that firelight, you will hear the eerie sounds of children past calling you to join them in their celebrations, find ghosts and ghouls around every turn and the laughter and screams of those enjoying everything that this Autumn London has to offer.
Big Ben in all it's fiery glory!

It has been a feast to the eyes for this photographer. The colors, the lights, the many details that have gone in to each and every inch of this festive d├ęcor.  I cannot help but snap photo after photo to keep record of this, my first Autumn in London. As an American, I have seen the homes of my neighbours decked out with jack o lanterns, spider webs and the usual ghost hanging from a tree. But it was not until my virtual move to London that I saw the true spirit of this time of year! It is something not soon forgotten. Something I look forward to in years to come!
Photographer Dua Vivo sitting in London with Big Ben burning behind her.
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