Sweet Temptations come to London inSL

London inSL has always been full of great stores and now we have another one added to them. Sweet Temptations has a reseller, Ro Daniels who is selling the range from his London Mayfair store.
Ro Daniels in his London Mayfair Store

Ro is a professional merchandiser in the real world and brings his skills to Second Life London to promote the brand and sell these great designs. I met him and asked him some questions about his business in Second Life.

He told me a little about himself, more about the Sweet Temptations brand and how he hops to expand on his existing success in London. He also gave me a list of tip tips to make your retail business a success, either as a designer or a reseller. These are the first Two Interviews, about Ro Daniels and Sweet Temptations designs.

Next week will come the one which gives away all the secrets about how to become a successful merchant in Second Life.

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