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Video Blogs are all the rage now, so why not for us too?

Interview with Ro Daniels

I discovered a new shop ‘Sweet Temptations’ - where I bumped into Ro Daniels. Ro Daniels opened a store in London Mayfair recently, so we interviewed him and picked his brains for the top 5 tips that make a successful merchant.

Here is 'Part 1' of that interview (about Ro and his experience of London). 'Part 2' is about the amazing designs of Sweet Temptations and in Part 3 Ro gives us his 'inside track' on how to become a successful merchant in Second Life and other virtual worlds.


When I met Ro, he first said 'Hi' to me and we sparked off a conversation. Now that name may not ring a bell to you now – but if I were to tell you he owned the Sweet Temptations shop in London Mayfair, you might know who he is.

The conversation started much as any other in Second Life…
[05:19]  Ro Daniels: hi Debs
[05:19]  Debs Regent: Hi Ro
[05:19]  Debs Regent: nice to meet you
[05:19]  Ro Daniels: nice to meet you too

Then I asked if I could interview him and he came up with some really great tips for merchandising and owning a store.

About Ro Daniels

Ro does well with Sweet Temptations in London Mayfair, because he likes the excellent designs, he finds the brand easier to resell. Plus, he has a trick or two up his own sleeve. As a real world marketer and merchandiser, he knows how to show off the best designs so you can see how they would work for you too. Ro told me that he feels that most of his sales happen at night when he's sleeping. What a great idea, making money while you're sleeping! It's great to see someone so new to London being so successful, proving that London is great place to sell your products!

Why Choose London as a Store Location?

While interviewing Ro, he had a couple of questions for me. The first one was a question all merchants should ask before opening a shop - "what kind of people come in this sim?". Of course all kinds of avatars come to these sims. Mainly we have friendly people who want to make new friends, get to know each other and  form friendships and relationships. London's community is very diverse, as in real life. Shopping is a high priority social activity for people who visit London.

On entering his store, we are greeted by his welcome mat 'Welcome to my store, please enjoy your stay!' while also being given a landmark to this location, so you immediately know where to bring your friends back to when you return. So now watch the first video ...

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