Halloween Merchant Fayre

The whole month of October will be dedicated to Horror in London!

Headless Horsemen, Heads on Pikes, Dreadful Dungeons, Spooky Spiders, Chamber of Horrors, Chronic Crypts and Spine-chilling From Graveyards, to dungeons, to the Tower of Horrors and beyond. Complete with a Horrific Medieval Merchant Market.

 Merchants Reserve Your Cart Here: http://bit.ly/1frip2U

Merchant Carts

London now offers you a great new Merchant Fair for Halloween, featuring Spooky Carts full of juicy Halloween goodies! Halloween merchandise is full of surprises, apple bobbing, creepy costumes, bloody bodies, haunted houses, ghostly goings on...

London is dedicated to gruesome, ghoulsome and griefsome. Bag yourself a Ghoulish Freebie, Zap some Zooks, try the scary rides and go to spooky events in London.

I’m sure you’ll be organising a fun way to spend Halloween in London, maybe at a fancy dress party, Spooky rides, or a Ghost Walk around London. One thing for sure - it'll be a whole lot of fun!

About Halloween

Halloween has its roots in Ireland. It marked the passing of the old year (which ended on 31st October) and the beginning of the new (1st November).  On the last day of the year, spirits of those that died in the previous year were said to rise up from their resting places and walk the earth.  It was considered an evil night, when the evil Lord of Darkness, Samhain, would search the streets for spirits to steal and take back beneath the ground. Now we bring that fear to London !!!

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