Busy London Changing

Lots going on in London lately. If you haven't spotted the changes, then you need glasses - 3D ones of course, because we are changing everywhere to make it a bigger and better experience for you.

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New in London Stores

20130827 party_005Under the guidance of our new General Manager (GM) Debbi Palmira, we are undergoing drastic alterations. The Park is now a feast of adventures, romance, and fun.

The lovely Debi also welcomed a fabulous new clothing merchant to London, 'Sweet' designs. Go and check the store out for yourself today and get yourself a new wardrobe of awesome designs.

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Check the store out here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/London%20Mayfair/224/17/3
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She also hooked up with our longest and most loyal merchant BlackSky Tomorrow, who has created some awesome Keytar surfboards so be sure to visit and bag one as soon as they come out! Looks like a queue has formed already.
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BlackSky Tomoorow: http://slurl.com/secondlife/London%20Mayfair/224/17/3

Fun in Hyde Park

Firstly the park, with a brand new roller coaster for you to enjoy. Remember to put it in Mouselock if you want to scream (or be sick!).
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As it's truly a family place, there is a massive kiddy park there too. Bring the young ones to come and play today!

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If you've never wondered what you're missing in London, then it's time to wonder now!
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Romantic walks along the river with areas to relax and boats to board. Check out the animations on board too. You may both be in for a nice surprise. Sailing and romance go hand in hand in Hyde Park. ;)
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Or simply stand on the bridge watching the boats in the moonlight.
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St Mary Abbots Church has had a make over as well, with Pilgrim holding the first service there, visited by archangels.

So it looks like we have our very own guardian angels taking care of us already. 

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 We have another mega club in London - London Tube, underground for those who don't like daylight. Check it out.

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Meanwhile, the Jelly Bean is growing from strength to strength under the management of Roach Draconia.
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Looks like Soho's slipping you the wink there.. go find out what her phone number is..
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