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jules_006First we caught Jules and Bigga in a shock moment. Perv-caming pays off ! I don't know what Bigga said to Jules.. but it caused her eyes to pop out. If someone can get the inside scoop on this, we would pay big Lindens for the story!

Whatever was said, he certainly thought about it for a while.

20130823 Snapshot_038

Kids having fun in London

20130823 Snapshot_023
Next we  found a minor on the dance floor. Jakie says he's 5 years old in his profile, but he's the cutest ever in London. We now have kids apparatus and a playground for under 8s (of course this is SL under 8 and means over 16 as a real person). It's good to see people finding their inner child in Second Life and bringing all the fun of that to share with us in London.

We have seen a lot more families here lately and encourage them to come and join the fun here. It's all mature so no 'adult' stuff goes on here.
In London we operate a one rule policy - ' no abuse'.

20130823 Snapshot_005Jason takes over the Entertainment Universe

After catching Jake on the floor, I spotted the floor meister himself - the epic Jason of the Jelly Bean (JJB). Jason has recently been promoted to Entertainment Manager.
Congratulations Jas, you earned it! He is now master of all clubs and pubs in London, in fact, the London Entertainment Universe! The Jelly Bean is busy as ever and so popular.

20130823 Snapshot_026

Open every evening from 11am onwards (that's 7pm to us Brits), the club has great DJs like Jason, Draconia, TrueBrit, Trapify and Madhatter.

20130823 Snapshot_034


London clubs include The Greyhound, run by RyanSummer (too easy to say Ann Summers there - Ryan - change your name!). Ryan has achieved the impossible. He built the Greyhound into one of the most popular and successful LIVE MUSIC venues in all of Second Life.

Sundays from 11am - 3pm SLT is LIVE MUSIC time and we are lucky to have our resident voice of 'The Balladeer'. Last week he was joined by the famous Josie Anderton.

Looking forward to tonight's event which includes Longhard Rhode  playing at 1:00-2:00pm SLT (for fellow Brits, that's 9pm to you and I) and of course our wonderful own Balladeer.

Fishing on the Serpentine

20130823 Snapshot_066What a week, the park was transformed and we now have our very own popular fishing area here at the Serpentine too.

Loads of fishermen come along to try their luck - all sorts of sizes and shapes.

20130823 Snapshot_015
20130823 Snapshot_069
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