The Original London Sims at SL10B

The Original London Sims at SL10B.  Looking forward, Looking back
The Second Life birthday celebration is over for another year, and of course the Original London Sims were there again.  The SL10B organisers set the theme for the year to be "Looking Forward Looking Back," so we showcased our previous achievements, such as being the only London 2012 Olympic venue in Second Life with official permission from the IOC.  We also looked forward to the massive expansion we have in the works, covering 32 more full sims, and our brand new venues such as the London Jelly Bean Club in Hyde Park.

Everything in our exhibit was made by members of the London team and, using modern building techniques, we finished up using only 87 of the 269 prims we were allowed.

Lag-free London.  87 of 269 prims used.

As Second Life turns 10, the Original London Sims turn 7

It's a little known fact that we have been in Second Life for seven of SL's ten years and are the Original London Sims.  We will be marking our 7th birthday with a series of parties covering all four of our full sims.  When we turn 8 next year, we will have finished building our 32 extra sims and will have 36 or more full sims to party on.  Why not come and join us?

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