Summer Roundup in London

London Goes Rodeo For Summer

London's Hyde Park is hosting live Bull-riding action right throughout the summer! The event is open 24x7 throughout July & August. FREE entry - weekly winners getting a Trophy and Championship Belt Buckle as well as a FREE home in London for a week. All are welcomed to try their skill. Join us at the Ranch - the west is waiting for you.

This event is one of London's summer events for both older users and new users alike. Anyone can take part and will be welcomed to London.

The City comes alive as the rodeo festivities are shared.  Among the events are Historical Parade, BBQ, Street Dance, Rocky Mountain Barn Dancing, Hunt for the Missing Rodeo Gear, Horse Riding and Bull Riding!  Come join some good ol' fashioned Western fun in the Hyde Park Summer Mountains this summer!

It's not that the Wild West doesn't exist any longer — it just doesn't come to town that often. Especially in the UK and London. But rodeo season is upon us, bringing with it a chance to see the way entertainment has always been done in the West.

Rodeo is a family event that's fun to watch and brings us back to the American Old West. We get to go back to discover their roots, to the cowboy days. Is rodeo still America's No. 1 sport? In our opinion, it sure is.

To hike your way to the Hoe Down, take this link and join us in the rootin' tootin' Wild West of London. Slurl:

Yeeee.. Haaaaa!!!
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