HOT Jelly Beans!

Once again London hits the HOT list - this time it's not only London - but it's also its newest club - Jelly Bean!

New manager Jason Keegan is always there waiting to greet you with a fun time and great sounds.

All ages and peoples are welcome to Jelly Bean - some sweet, some sour and some downright HOT!

When you come to Jelly Bean you can choose your dance from the line up of flavoured beans in the ceiling. I'm not sure what's in the poo-coloured one to the left, but don't think I'll try it this time thank you Jason.

Ever the gracious host, Even little Kylie can't stay away from Jelly Beans. I wonder if she realizes it's not a place for free sweeties?

As always, the girls are swinging to the tunes.

See the schedule  for the next event. Guarded by a burly heavy so you don't try to steal it away.

Here is the Destination Guide entry for you if you still can't find it !

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