Yes -you can afford to live in London!

Have you ever fancied living in a luxurious pad in Knightsbridge or Kensington? Or  a Mayfair house overlooking Hyde Park?Well thanks to the wonder of Second life you can!We have some beautiful virtual houses to rent for as little as two hundred and seventy- five Linden a week.Many have three floors- some even have the added bonus of your own secluded garden.Many of the London Team live in these properties,so they must be the best!

Or, why not rent a shop - you could design and make your own clothes and make some spending money- and who knows you could become a Second Life Millionaire! Details of all homes and shops to let in the area are available at points throughout Hyde Park- or get in touch with either Debs Regent or any other member of the London Team - and become an permanent fixture in the London Sims!

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