Jelly Bean fun in Hyde Park

No, the London Sims haven`t turned into a sweetshop. We have something much more fun. New club Jelly Bean opens its doors this week, and is promising to bring many events and great music back to Hyde Park, again.Situated on the old Club 2012 site (just below Big Ben) the club is in the perfect location for summer outdoor fun- with that festival feel!

Manager Jason Keegan explains that things are already starting to happen in the club even though the official  opening isn`t until Saturday. He says there won`t be a set type of music played, and talks about the"fun party atmosphere" that he hopes for.He adds "Chatting is great and encouraged by the hosts and DJs."

 Even though Jason has been in Second Life  for nine years himself he is keen is keen to point out that "newbies" are encouraged to come and party too.He wants "everyone to feel welcome- regardless of whether they are new to the game or old timers like myself!"

Events at Jelly Bean are from 11am to 1pm Second Life Time (7-9pm British time) every day of the week, including Sunday. So get down to Hyde park in the London Sims for the perfect midsummer fun party!

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