The Original London Sims takes posession of its space in the SL10B birthday party

The theme for this year's SL birthday celebration is "Looking forward, looking back."  This is quite fitting because we are looking forward to opening 32 brand new sims dedicated to a huge realistic replica of London in virtual space.

When we teleported into our plot in the SL10B sims, we were immediately reminded of what we are looking back at;  Our plot is in front of Bot City who have used all of their skill to erect a textured cube and a huge copybot replica of our Big Ben in Hyde Park.  Well done guys.  It looks just like your actual sim.  We just hope you don't fill your plot with 40 bots and lag us down.

We in the Original London Sims have a lot to look forward to, and are proud to find that the "tribute" cities we spawned during our time in Second Life are still trying their best to copy everything we do.  Others following where we lead show that we are doing our job and providing what people want.  We are keeping our SL10B build under wraps to avoid the copycats from shamelessly erecting a replica, and will reveal it shortly before the SL10B sims open to the public.

Watch this space.  Others will be.

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