May-Fair Comes to London

Mayfair has always been part of the London set up. However it's historical connection have been lost in the past. So we thought that for May, we would revive them, by holding a May Fair to honour the sim and the history of its real world counterpart.

 As May is the birth month of our London Mayfair sim in 2007, it seems right to celebrate it's long life with a month-long May-fair. So we have Dodgems, Swing boats, Pie & mash, and a host of other things associated with the fun you can experience in the London parks!

Of course in real life, Mayfair is named after the annual fortnight-long May Fair that took place on the site that is now Shepherd Market. The fair was held in this location between 1686 and 1764. Before then, the May Fair was held in Haymarket, and after then in Fair Field in Bow.

At these annual gatherings in May Fair, was "Tiddy Dol" an eccentric vendor of gingerbread who is seen in Hogarth's picture of the "Idle Apprentice" at Tyburn. Tiddy Dol is seen in the crowd holding up a gingerbread cake in his hand and addressing the mob in his Aristocratic hat and coat.

An advertisement of this fair from one of the London papers of the time said:—"In Brookfield market-place, at the east corner of Hyde Park, is a fair to be kept for the space of sixteen days, beginning with the first of May; the first three days for live cattle and leather, with the same entertainments as at Bartholomew Fair, where there are shops to be let, ready built, for all manner of tradesmen that usually keep fairs, and so to continue yearly at the same place."

In Second Life London, it's a pretty casual affair too, with rides, entertainment, and stalls to let for merchants like Tiddy Dol to display their wares and sell their goods.

Most of the visitors who came to the fair hung out, chatted and made new friends. As there was always great music to listen to, they were dancing to the music as well.

The Fair's not over yet, so come on down to London's Hyde Park and join in the fun at London's May Fair.

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