I am new to Second Life as well as a new member of the London Sims team. Just to check out how others feel about the place I joined, I brought my friend - let's call her 'Alice' to Hyde Park for a look. Alice is married as well as has children in SL. After moving around with her for a while, I had to leave SL for RL matters. Later on I took fairly detailed feedback from her about the place I belong to now.

What I heard delighted me. Alice found not only a clean, pleasant place in London (Our London), but she was emphatic that this is best place she has seen in SL for families. While we were in Hyde Park and chitchatting, she brought her daughter also to the place and the two made a beautiful sight, the sort you might see in a typical park anywhere in the world - a child playing about and having fun and the mother enjoying the weather and the ambience.

Later (after I left SL), Alice checked out many things - the bus ride, the bumper boat etc and told me that for someone with family looking for a "clean" place in SL, London Sim (again, our London) was the ideal place. She said she expected to visit here more often and would also recommend it to her friends.

I felt very good about the whole thing. Since then, I have suggested even more ideas to make it a newcomer friendly, more bustling place with even more fun activities. But I see in the past few days that traffic to our London has increased manifold. Debs' policy of no illegal use of bots and keeping the place clean may not result in quick results, but sooner or later, anyone needing to spend time in a sunny, fun and family place will find her way here.

I observe that since Alice's visit, traffic to London has increased a lot. It is good to see our team's work being so enjoyable to so many. And I hope we will make the place even more fun and find even more traffic here and maybe residents too.

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