Hyde Park gets better and better

Hyde Park is fast becoming the most popular destination for fun in Second Life.

As the Original London Sims, we are used to leading the pack; setting the bar ever higher for the copycat "London" destinations to try to follow.  Much to the delight of fun seekers all over Second Life, our latest round of updates and changes have really paid off.  Come to Hyde Park at any time and you will find us filled with real people all having fun.

Don't be fooled by the copycat London-branded sims, who attempt to mask their rapid decline by adding more and more bots to make up the numbers.  Here in the Original London Sims, our focus is on providing the kind of environment where real people can live, work, shop, play and have fun in peace and harmony with their fellow residents.

If you are looking for fun and interaction with real people in Second Life then come to Hyde Park in the Original London Sims.  We know you will love it.

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