The Mystery of the Moving Kensington Sim

Do we need to call in famous Belgian sleuths or have we entered the Twilight Zone? Somehow the Kensington Sim has moved - pretty ghostly,huh? It`s still in the London Sims though and seems to have put itself in the ideal location! I went to check it out with Owner and Manager Debs Regent.

"Where Kensington, high o'er the neighbouring lands 
Midst greens and sweets, a regal fabric, stands, 
And sees each spring, luxuriant in her bowers, 
A snow of blossoms, and a wild of flowers, 
The dames of Britain oft in crowds repair 
To gravel walks, and unpolluted air"

"Each walk, with robes of various dyes bespread, 
Seems from afar a moving tulip-bed, 
Where rich brocades and glossy damasks glow, 
And chints, the rival of the showery bow. 
Here England's daughter, darling of the land, 
Sometimes, surrounded with her virgin band, 
Gleams through the shades. She, towering o'er the rest," 
Stands fairest of the fairer kind confest," Kensington Gardens by Thomas Tickel

The Greyhound Pub is still the centre of live music here and has many exciting events coming up soon. The barman seemed a little reluctant to chat. It could be cause he`s a mannequin  but look on the bright side he can`t call "last orders!"

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