The London Easter Egg hunt draws to a close

After two weeks, hundreds of players and thousands of eggs, the great London Easter egg hunt draws to a close.

The final round, worth L$1000, was won by Katrina McMasters, and the runner up was Xylane Eberhart.  Well done to you both.  The leaderboard will remain in Hyde Park for a week so you can bask in your well deserved glory.

On behalf of the original London sims, I'd like to say a big "thank you" to all of the players who took part in this game and spent countless hours collecting eggs.  One player told me of how our union flag-covered eggs even made it into one of her dreams.  That kind of dedication is impressive, but I did unfortunately have to point out that eggs collected while the hunter was fast asleep could not be included in their final score.  Maybe the next revision of the game's script will allow for that.

Two types of Easter egg

There were two types of egg in our hunt.  The union flag eggs were scattered everywhere, were easily seen, and were worth one point when collected.  These normal eggs would re-appear some time after being collected and could be collected again for another point.

The gold eggs were introduced in round 3 and were worth 50 points each.  In rounds 5 through 8 they were worth 100 points each.  Gold eggs were carefully placed and were "hidden" in plain sight.  There were so many normal eggs that people ran right past the gold eggs without even seeing them.  Here are some of the golden eggs in their secret location:

By the fountains at the end of the Serpentine lake
On the dance ball in the hub
In the sign pointing out the Alice in Wonderland skyboxes

On top of the Tardis near the hub

On a pillar outside the mansion house

Above the visitors' information centre
"Hidden" in a giant pocket watch

...and my personal favourite has to be this one:

Do I really need an arrow on this one?  It would appear so

This giant golden egg "hidden" on a balloon went undetected and uncollected for over 18 hours in round five!  There will be faces being palmed all over London.  If you were one of the players who found a golden egg or two then well done.

Once again, a big London "thank you" to each and every one of our wonderful visitors for making this game such a huge success.  We hope you enjoyed it, and we will continue to do our utmost to bring you the best activities and entertainment Second Life has to offer.  Of course, if you prefer sims that are lagged down with bots, do exactly the same thing month after month and contain unfriendly staff who will ban you simply for wearing the "wrong" tag, then that's something we can't provide.  Sorry about that.

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