Pirates, Hot dogs and a Japanese wishing stone

Hoist the mainsail and Shiver me timbers -the London Sims have gone all pirate- esque. It might be due to the ship ride at the fairground  in Hyde Park.

I was keeping a close eye on the treasure chest!

But there have been some suspicious looking characters around London for sometime now. Come to think of it there was a ghostly galleon in the Serpentine at Halloween - maybe they came from that.

For a bargain 10 linden dollars you can experience this fun ride in the Welcome Hub and make your friends walk the plank!

And if your avatar gets a bit peckish there`s a tempting hot- dog stand nearby.

Then, you  could get in touch with your mystical side and have a go on the cosmic Japanese wishing stone.

For an eclectic entertainment experience come to the Welcome hub in Hyde Park and explore for hours! 
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