London inSL - Hyde Park - Alice Fun - 2013Apr06

The Alice in Wonderland Exploration Hunt takes you from the safety of Hyde Park into an epic voyage around wonderland.

 Just like Alice, you end up in fantastical locations doing fantastical things. All you have to do is to follow the white rabbit...

A half a dozen brave girls followed the rabbit.. but all stayed close to one another for fear of what was around the next corner.

'Alice' is a visual treat, created by Aniya and Keira of London. This tour follows the white rabbit through crazy paths that include visits to the Mad Hatter, the Red Queen, the Caterpillar, A Creepy Maze, the Dormouse, Alice's home and much more.

As it has been popular throughout March, the team felt it only right to keep it going for April. 

After all, April is the month of Fools and who would be foolish enough to follow the white rabbit? 

- you?
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