Wrestling Tonight!

London presents VAW Wrestling Tonight!

Get ready this Tuesday for some awesome wrestling action! Come on down to London and and get in the audience to  cheer on your favourite VAW wrestling member! Throw chairs, yell scream and suplex the person sitting next to you! After all this is wrestling that you will want to take part in!

At 5pm the wrestling starts.
For those who are superstitious  this is the event that takes place at 5pm on the 5th. Numbers are limited so make sure you grab your seat in good time!

While here, take a look at the London Merchant Trade Tables and find the white Rabbit in Wonderland.

Wrestling Line Up..

In the ring, we are hoping to see our favourites, such as VAW World Champion, Hell Hound, VAW Champion, Nyle NightfireVAW Women’s Champion, Jeni Porta, and VAW  Intercontinental Champion, Damien Hex.

Although you may not see Hell Hound tonight... but he sends Rob a message about his intentions.. Maybe he will be here after all!!?? Wait and see.. TONIGHT !!!

Come and support your favourite VAW Wrestler in London at 5pm Tuesday 5th March (UK time 1am Wednesday 6th March) !
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