Park Life - Hyde is the place for magic this weekend

Meet the Cheshire Cat and the rest of his friends from Wonderland in London`s Hyde Park this weekend.

 The park has had a makeover to reflect the madness of March, and there`s a  Merchant`s fair with lots  of brilliant British  bargains!
The unexpected bonus I found there - besides the fun of sitting in a tree- was what happened when I clicked on the little door at the bottom of a tree in the Welcome hub.

 Special Events Manager Keira and her team have done a superb job with the building and it really feels exciting as you explore the worlds they have created. Bring the kids or just come and relieve your own childhood fantasys by coming to the London Sims. But Keira`s not done yet- she has more plans for April!

PS:Make sure you click everything - there are hidden rooms too!

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