London bots

Some of the hundreds of bots lurking above Bot City

Virtually Linked, the owner and operator of the original London sims in Second Life, proudly announce exciting plans to install 200 bots in our virtual city.

In another London-branded estate, bots account for 40-90% of the avatars present, so we have been looking at how we can compete for the title of "most popular destination in Second Life for bots."  This move is designed to move us closer to the top spot that has been held for so long by Bot City (formerly Mainland Bots).  People are easily deceived and, if we do this right, probably won't notice the horde of bots in orbit, or even the bots standing silently right next to them.  We just hope they will tolerate being unable to move due to all the lag this will cause, or will blame the lag on Linden Lab instead of us.

More Bot City regulars in orbit
This is a huge investment for us and represents literally hours of planning.  Maxing out sims with bots would be easy if they were all on the ground, but they would be spotted far too easily.  Research commissioned by Bot City has revealed that as long as the majority of the traffic faking avatars mostly hover thousands of meters above the ground, TP around every few minutes in an effort to avoid detection, have their draw distance on full to lag down both the sim they are in and the one over the border, people will ignore the clusters of "^" markers on the mini map and consider these fake avatars to be real people when told.

Real people?  Of course not
Other exciting plans include ripping down the detailed and well-planned buildings and replacing them with textured cubes to save prims that would be better used in attachments, shoes and hair for our bots, installing a bridge that follows a river instead of crossing it and recreating famous real life locations such as central London's internationally-renowned nude beach and open air public sex park.

Posted on the 1st April 2013.

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