First British avatar on the moon

A British avatar, working with nothing more than a couple of minions in mission control, shook the scientific community today by landing on the moon and returning safely back to Earth.

NASA and the European Space Agency tracked the lone Avatar's progress into space, and were watching closely as she proudly planted a Union Flag and wandered about for a bit.  Upon instructions from mission control in London, she began her somewhat controlled descent back to Earth, splashing down in the Serpentine lake in Hyde Park.

A clearly impressed spokesman for NASA said "If this can be done with just a handful of prims, just think what we could achieve with the billions of prims we have at our disposal.  We have assigned our top boffins to the task of duplicating the British technology that will allow us to take the next step and land the first avatar on Mars."

As if on cue, the conspiracy theorists leaped into action, pointing out nit-picking details such as the lack of a space suit on the avatar and what, to the untrained eye, appeared to be cloud formations above the moon.  In a post-mission press conference, the London team defended their achievement and soundly debunked these "trivial and easily explainable points."

Upon hearing the news, a spokesman for an amateur "London" team broke down in tears and said "We have been sending armies of bots into orbit above our sims for well over a year now, but we have have never managed to successfully land an avatar on the moon.  The Hyde Park team keep taking us by surprise, and it's always a real struggle to copy their ideas and achievements with the limited talent and resources at our disposal."

All eyes are now on the original London sims team to see what they do next.  Why not visit Hyde Park and see for yourself?

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