Egg Detectives Win Prizes!

Become a chocolate eggy detective, follow the Easter bunny and hunt down hidden eggs.

London's Virtual Big Egg Hunt is back and this time it's taking place across the four London sims in Second Life, beginning and ending in London's Hyde Park with chances to hunt down most golden eggs and win a BIG prize.

You can pick up hints from the guides in the park and get advice from one the 'Egg-sperts' there. This is the best place to start your hunt. With loads of eggs to track down, this is a great way to discover hidden parts of these city sims while looking for the eggs.

Find the Golden Eggs and you'll be in with a chance of winning a big prize. Look in unusual places as they are clearly visible and hidden in plain sight, but you need to look carefully, everything may not be what it seems?

Happy hunting!

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