Hyde Park March Madness in Wonderland

Time Marches on and as it does, Wonderland grows and grows !!! 


More and more Alice in Wonderland  March madness is springing up everyday in Hyde Park!

 Also, the Merchant`s Fair is now in full swing too. We will be doing a blog on each merchant here
over the next month, along with plenty of  details of the shops and  bargains you can find here.

If you haven`t visited virtual London in Second Life- where have you been? The London Sims have all the entertainment you could possibly want and a typically British sense of humour and fun. A good place to start exploring is the Welcome Hub in Hyde Park, where there is not only a Visitor Information Centre- with added freebies- but also friendly greeters  who are eager to welcome you to our sims and tell you where the best  shops,pubs and clubs can be found.
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