Black Leather, PVC,,Dragons and Whips - The Warehouse Club`s First Week!

Well, in Knightsbridge`s new club The Warehouse they seem to have ticked all the boxes for the perfect Second Life entertainment - and all in their first week! Last Friday they opened with a "Best in Formal" night and the rest of the week has seen many themes, including "Best in Hats".In the last few days things, however, have heated up even more- with Wednesday`s "Best in Leather or PVC" competition and last night`s "Best in Black".
Manager Pyp Mifflin (right) seems to have things well under control though!

With hosts like Kittsy (above, left) and Isobel (below, right) the party atmosphere was always present.

Last night`s event even attracted a black dragon ..

 ..but what was even more astonishing was the fact that club regular Wolfe (above,right) was fully clothed!

 Some avatars just seemed content to be lost in each other.

 While others clearly wanted to be the centre of attention!

 With DJ`s like Manchester Hawker (below, left) and Pyp, herself,  (right)  great tunes were guaranteed!


 Entertainments Director Debi Palmira (below,left) and London Team Sponsor Candi (below,right) joined in the partying.

Today`s event starts at 1pm (Second Life Time) - that`s 9 pm for you Brits- so come along and help to make the next week at The Warehouse hotter and more fun than ever before!

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