A Fantasy comes to Wonderland

A Fantasy for you in the Merchant Fair

Every girl loves a fantasy. In London we are no exception. For less than one US$ you can have the jewels and shoes of your fantasy.

A Fantasy has it all, well placed in Wonderland on the Mad Hatter's Tables because the pricing is unbelievable. Stunning necklaces and detailed pendants are yours for a price of less than a sandwich.

A beautiful cross is available with stunning detail.. Every girl's dream.

For those who are more into nature, how about an intricate Dragonfly pendant, sitting on a cabochon of cobalt blue?

Also a lovely medallion with a personal inscription on it (see below left) or a jet tree etched into amber.

Apart from all these lovelies, there are many more to choose from. There is something for everyone here so make sure you get to see your favourite by the end of the month, or take a look in A Fantasy shop.

Remember that A Fantasy is a reality, you can have your fantasy come true in Second Life. These beautiful necklaces and shoes are essentials that every girl should have in her inventory.

Go get yours now!

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