2Xtreme is right for Wonderland!

Wonderland enjoys being 2Xtreme

With crocodiles snapping at your feet, parrots flying around and wish stones to tell you if your deepest desires will come true, 2Xtreme was at the right place in Wonderland. Maybe this is your deepest dream after all?

You can get the most fun, original and interesting products in Second Life from 2Xtreme. They have stores in London's Kensington and Mayfair, as well as a sim full of 2Xtreme surprises that you have to investigate further.

Some items on show at Wonderland Tea Party were snapping crocs that ate you if you got too near, leaping dolphins that are perfect for in sim pools and off sim waters and tiny humming birds.

If you want something 2Xtreme as a gift, they also have a fabulous range of gift vouchers so your family members, loved ones or friends can choose something 2Xtreme for themselves.

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