2013 March - Alice's Adventures!

Thanks to the wonderful creativity of Aniya resident and Keirakeira resident, London in Second Life brings you 'Alice's Adventures'. Find yourself immersed in Lewis Caroll's Alice's extraordinary adventures...

Follow Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and live them yourself, the way 'you' would want to experience them. Crawl into the door in the tree and find yourself at the top of the rabbit hole. Drop down the rabbit hole and you are in a corridor of doors. Open them all and find the one that lets you out.. but out to where?

Looks like you will find yourself in a strange place and have to choose between food and drink, to grow and shrink!

When you are the right size, you can carry on through the next door into a Magical Garden.. where a caterpillar is smoking a hookah and blowing out alphabet vowels. When there you may feel the back of your neck tingle as if someone is watching you - they are!

So 'Teleport' out of there fast, before you get entangled into a thicket of briars.

The next place you will find yourself is at Alice's House. What a lovely garden, and a swing too. Although the fireplace looks like it may eat you? Alice's bed is so relaxing, after the terrifying ordeal earlier, you may just want to doze a little.

After a short nap, time is passing fast. It's really time to move along, although.. time seems to be going backwards!

Let's get out of here! Follow the white rabbit, that's what they always say. so let's do it....

Next.. it's a maze! How do I find my way out of this... I know, I will try to sidle around the edge. All the way around, that's it and you come to the exit. But.. it's a cheats way and although you can see the exit you can't get out! have to go all the way back to the start and try again.

This time, success... Phew!

Follow the rabbit...

To the Queen's Court.
'Off With Her Head'!!
Oh dear, this nightmare keeps getting worse. Time to bow down to the queen and ask her pardon.

When you do, you see the exit behind her throne, follow the rabbit...

Into the Hatter's Workshop, where he appears to be giving Psychic readings, I wonder if he knows how to get out of here?

Taking a look around the room, there are many things to discover and FREEBIES to take home with you, even hanging on the chandelier is fun here. But after a while, I guess we better get going.. heigh ho.. follow the rabbit.

He's going to a room with a HUGE bottle in it, that has a label swinging in the breeze on it. The label says 'Drink me'.. but how? the bottle is so huge. Try climbing up it perhaps?

You hear a squeak.. a snoring squeaking sound coming from a hutch, go and investigate what the source of the sound is.

Maybe it's a mouse. Of course! It's the dormouse, tired as usual.

"Goodnight Dormouse."

You follow the rabbit again and find yourself it a magical fantasy garden of colour in Wonderland Park. Try the Teacup ride, rest your poor aching feet in the teacup bath, see what's inside the Hatter's Gazebo? And take a look at the Tea Tables and see what London Merchants have made for London Wonderland. Take a few freebies and buy some special items.

What a day! Exciting, fun and loads of things to have here!!
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