2013 March Hyde Park Wonderland

March is full of madness. This month, it is St David's Day, Red Nose Week, Mothering Sunday, Crufts, St Patrick's Day and Easter so we decided to celebrate this madly busy month in style.. with Wonderland.

Spot you favourite character.

2013 March 01 Hyde Park Wonderland, a set on Flickr.
20120301 Wonderland Park_03320120301 Wonderland Park_03220120301 Wonderland Park_03120120301 Wonderland Park_03020120301 Wonderland Park_02920120301 Wonderland Park_028
20120301 Wonderland Park_02720120301 Wonderland Park_02620120301 Wonderland Park_02520120301 Wonderland Park_02420120301 Wonderland Park_02320120301 Wonderland Park_022
20120301 Wonderland Park_02120120301 Wonderland Park_02020120301 Wonderland Park_01920120301 Wonderland Park_01820120301 Wonderland Park_01720120301 Wonderland Park_016
20120301 Wonderland Park_01520120301 Wonderland Park_01420120301 Wonderland Park_01320120301 Wonderland Park_01220120301 Wonderland Park_01120120301 Wonderland Park_010
And if the party goers think they got off light, think again.. you were caught on camera! There is a video of your antics coming out shortly (fiver's for my silence and your removal from the video please in a brown unmarked envelope)
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