London in 2013

London in Second Life is such a beautiful place. Check it out on the web site as well as in Second Life itself.

Hyde Park is well represented there, with the stunning Italian fountains, the meandering Serpentine for boating, fishing and simply reflecting. While in the park, take in a concert, just as in real life, concerts take place in the park, live bands and tribute bands too. They draw crowds so make sure you are not late. The Dell Cafe is also part of the scene in Second life, complete with a resident mermaid - something you never find in real life!

Concert Venue In Hyde ParkConcert Venue early eveningConcert Venue with Big Ben in backgroundConcert Venue, your seat is waiting for you20120218 Kensington Rooftop gardens / Old Derry & Toms building20120218 Kensington - virtually
20120218 Waiting for rain20120218 Bayswater and Hyde Park20120218 Candi musing in the park20120218 Candi in the park20120218 Hyde Park20120218  Italian Fountains in Hyde Park
20120218  Italian Fountains in Hyde Park  on a grey day20120218  Italian Fountains in Hyde Park at dawn20120218 sims_01320120218  Italian Fountains in Hyde Park in winter20120218 Italian Fountains in Hyde Park at dusk20120218  Italian Fountains in Hyde Park after dusk
20120218 sims_00920120218 sims_00820120218 sims_00720120218 sims_00620120218 sims_00520120218 sims_004
London in 2013, a set on Flickr.

After your visit to the park, go find Big Ben, inside the Clock Tower. There is also a viewing room behind the clock face and a bell tower, where you can see and listen to all the Westminster bells.

In Kensington  there is a complete replica of Kensington High Street. The Barkers building and Derry and Toms have been transformed into their former glory. For weddings,St Mary Abbot's church is available. Speak with Siggy of you want to get married there. Again, do it in good time, as there is a waiting list.

All in all, London in Second Life is a 'must' to visit. Here is your link to come and join us in the fun: UK/143/135/22
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