Hyde Park Tea Party!

What's this all about?

Yes, you saw it right,a weird Tea Party in Hyde park. Curioser and curioser you may ask? And you would be on the right.
Alice somehow fell down the hole after the Mad march Hare and ended up here!

She found herself in Virtual London inside Second Life. It was 'rub your eyes' time for Alice, as she viewed the weird and wonderful avatars and the odd shaped tables and people.
The Queen of Hearts was always to the fore. The park looked inviting and promised a lot of pleasant surprises, so Alice continued on her journey...


Hyde Park Tea Party!, a set on Flickr.
This is just the teaser for next Month's event - Mad March Hare month. The theme will be based around Alice in Wonderland's chase of the White Rabbit and other Hare and Rabbit stories, all ready for the sudden rush of activity this spring will see.
Among the events that are planned are:
A Table Top Expo with wonderful merchandise to choose from in the park. Don't drink what's in the bottle!
There will be fantasy rides and a fantasy hunts too. Look out for the tables with teapots and mismatched teacups, the Clocks stopped at tea time, Lawn flamingos, Rabbit paw tracks around the place which may lead to a special treat, Rocking horse flies, Cheshire cats that disappear and reappear, Playing cards large and small, Chess boards, Food and drink labelled with "eat me" and "drink me" labels - don't touch!
As well as all that you can enjoy more Games.
- Lawn Croquet with hedgehogs as balls.
- Playing card hunt where everybody wins and must have a prize of some sort :)
- There is a special prize for those who find a golden key.
- Join in the "I'm late" sack race
... and more surprises to come.
So come to London in March to have a great time leaving you wanting more.
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