Holland Park Comes to Kensington

At last Holland Park is becoming part of Kensington. Thanks to Candida Campese (known to her friends as Candi).
Spike measuring out the park area

The park area has been chosen and it waits her gardening skills to make it the most beautiful part of London.
PNC Blessed (the land owner for Kensington) cutting the turf and handing  the deeds over to Candi

As you can see, it is a huge area so all her skills will be needed to make this into an interesting and romantic zone for people to hang out in in Second Life. Knowing Candi she will do it proud.

The Area of Holland Park (yes that is a straight path on the left - it just goes into the distance)

PNC is dwarfed in this big parkland area

PNC, Spike and Debs discussing Candi's requirements

In RL Holland park is a popular hangout with locals, who laze by the lawns, play in the play areas and do sports in the sporting zones. It is  considered to be one of the most romantic and peaceful parks of West London.

Holland Park used to be the grounds of Cope Castle, a large Jacobean mansion hidden in the woods. It was built by Sir Walter Cope in the early 17th century, who became Chancellor of the Exchequer under King James 1. It was renamed Holland House after the Earl of Holland’s wife Lady Rich inherited the property.

Many animals live in the park, including foxes, peacocks, robins and squirrels.

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