Coach and Horses Circus Night- and some Plath Poetry

On Tuesday we had the extravaganza that was the Coach and Horses Circus themed night. DJ Rosie (below,left) was the lady with the tunes, and even London Sims Owner and Manager Debs Regent (below,right) came to party with us in the colourful and fun venue in Mayfair!

Cocah Manager Jas hosted the event 

my extravagant heart blows up again
in a rampage of champagne-colored rain
and the fragments whir like a weather vane
while the angels all applaud.

Daring as death and debonair
I invade my lion's den;
a rose of jeopardy flames in my hair
yet I flourish my whip with a fatal flair
defending my perilous wounds with a chair
while the gnawings of love begin.

Mocking as Mephistopheles,
eclipsed by magician's disguise,
my demon of doom tilts on a trapeze,
winged rabbits revolving about his knees,
only to vanish with devilish ease
     In a smoke that sears my eyes"

(Poem = Circus In Three Rings by S. Plath)

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