All Change at the Coach and Horses -New Management

Old Coach Manager Jas` Adventures Overseas  
                                                                            (below)"Sitting on the dock of the bay"

It`s all change at the Coach, again. Manager Jas (aka meeee) is having a few months break as she travels to Ireland to see family. But -you`ll be delighted to hear- she(I) will still be blogging during her trip and its only the Managership of the Coach that will be changing.

DJ Pyp

 One of our favourite DJs at the Coach, and in the London Sims in general,Pyp Mifflin has decided to move on to pastures new, and we wish her the very best. Don`t worry though - we`ll be trying to persuade her back for a few exclusive sessions cause London wouldn`t be the same without our Pypkins!

New Coach Manager Rosie Haroldsen

New Coach Manager Rosie has been on Second Life under her current  persona for over three years now, and has experience with management in our sims. She worked her way up from initially being a greeter here from when she was six weeks old onwards and became firstly a host at the Coach and Horses and then Assistant Manager a few years ago. However, life lead her away from the Coach when she opened her own  club in Knightsbridge - "The Three Bells", which  she ran for about eight months.During that time she also became  Manager of the Knightsbridge sim too- she smiles that she was "wearing many hats",then.

After drifting away fro London for a while, Rosie recently returned to the sims and has been DJ in both Club 2012 and the Coach and Horses. She is delighted with her new position there and says that she`d "like to see (the Coach) back to what it was when it was the very first pub in the London Sims". She has happy memories of  the Coach and says " I used to go there when not working and hang out with my friends -  
sitting on the lounge chatting". She hopes that people will come in and have chat even when there aren`t events running. She says she`s planning for "nice friendly staff, good chat and some good music" and rumour has it that she`s going to re-decorate too. Good Luck Rosie with your new venture!

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