Tokyo York`s new location in Mayfair,London Sims

 Club Tokyo York (the new name for Club 2012 in case you have missed my blogs) is nearly ready to move and I went to check out its new location. In Second Life  the venue will still be open-air and is situated in the middle of  the Mayfair - just  next to where Club Mayhem used to be. There are plans for a massive opening party, and I can definitely see those fountains being frolicked in.

     Watch out for notices and my blogs for the date of the opening.


DJ`s Igcognito and Infinite (above) and Arc and PenDK (below) help keep the tunes coming thick and fast.

The club already has a great following and Manager Debi (right) says "My plans for Tokyo York are pretty simple right now. I want to see a good crowd  having a great time enjoying the music, atmosphere and people. I want people leaving with a good vibe, and maybe a bounce in their step, so to speak, even if their day hasn't gone so well."
She adds that she is " excited to be a part of this venture- being able to use the branding of a real life club" and is " looking forward to working with a rep or 2 from the club, when the time comes."

Just to keep us all in suspense she also mysteriously talks about  "some ideas I just don't want to give away as yet."
 She talks about hoping to see you all soon and points out that if you are ever in the city of York in real life you should be sure to hit the club!


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