The Greyhound reopens in Kensington- Live Music

 I went last night to check out the new bigger and better Greyhound pub, which has re-opened this week.

To quote from the notices going out last night "The Greyhound Pub in Kensington is an increasingly popular live music venue in the heart of Virtual London. If you feel like having a virtual pint with your buddies this a great place to relax and enjoy the atmosphere." If you ask me some punters (left) have had far too many pints with their buddies. She was named as Tracey and proclaimed official Greyhound mascot, last night!

 And,it is the live music that will be the differnece between the Greyhound and other London venues. Next week on Tuesday (29th Jan) , Wednesday (30th) and Thursday (31st) there are live singers or bands scheduled for every night.

 I, for one, am looking forward to listening to the live music in the Greyhound over the next few months and was impressed with the spacious- yet cozy- new venue.

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