Red, London`s favourite colour - Real and Second Life?

 The theme at the Coach and Horses in the London Sims on Monday was "Best in Red",which got me thinking about the significance of the colour in our capital city.
 One of our iconic images,which obviously had to make it into Second Life too, is the classic red London bus.
(Below-the Coach in Mayfair.)

             DJ Pyp (above,right) had a great selection of songs with red in the title -what a star!

So, back to my point, the traditional British phone box is red - as are our post boxes and post vans.
The London Underground signs all have a red circle around them. What is our fascination with the colour?

Maybe its to do with our constant rain or maybe it reverts to the days of thick London fog - the colour would certainly stand out more than others in bad weather conditions.

Perhaps we`ll never know why the colour is so popular here, but  it does  seem to be the case in Second Life London, too.The "Best in Red" events always attract a crowd, which clearly makes Coach Manager Jas (left) dance with delight.

Check out all the Clubs and Pubs in the London Sims, especially Mayfair,which is full of changes.
          (Keep reading my blogs over the next few weeks to see what I mean by that!)

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