Friday`s Entertainment in London

Friday in the London Sims started off with The Coach and Horses event. The theme was "Best in things beginning with S"  and we had quite a few imaginative entries. Phoenix (above, left ),in her sexy stockings and suspenders, was our overall winner and went away with the 250L prize- although it has to be said the Sponge Bob Square Pants avatar gave her a run for her money!

 DJ Pyp (above, right) was in stripey socks and shades and even played songs all by "S" named  bands!

Then, it was over to Hyde Park for Club 2012`s event. Yes the club is still waiting for a new name.DJ Arc (above,left) was on the decks and out of his clothes, though Manager and Host Debi (above.left) looked a  little more sedate!

The Coach and Horses staff (above) had come to join in too! 

Then, we all raced  back to Mayfair and  Mayhem`s "Truth or Dare" event,which revealed a few secrets! Then, after good tunes from DJ Gary (above)and  lots of laughs with Host Jenny (below,right) and  the new Trivia ball , guest Brook(right) decided to give us all a lesson in pole dancing!

Come on a pub and club crawl around the London Sims - there`s something for everyone and you definitely won`t regret it!

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