WINTERZONE in the London sims

 I sent my avatar, Jas , to go and check out the new WinterZone in the London Sims and she had a ball!

And Ice Skating stunts have never been so easy!
The massive Christmas tree stands over the huts where the Winter Merchant Fair will be.

I found Santa`s Workshop and put in my order for festive gifts.

Then sauntered down the red carpet to the new Winter Theatre.

Then, after chopping some wood with my friend Rudolph..
...I took a well earned rest by the fire.
 But I`d forgotten to bring the Marshmallows - make sure to remember yours when you come!

 WinterZone is the perfect family place to celebrate this season - or a cosy place to cuddle with a loved one.

 Just over the sim border, Hyde Park has been transformed
 into a Winter Wonderland, too, and  there are too many Xmas events to list going on at Club 2012 this month. `Tis the season to be merry after all!
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