Mayhem`s Makeover and New Management

 London`s Mayhem Rock club has had a makeover and, with new management, is now open for business! Opening from 3pm to 5pm (Second Life Time), and now back in the club itself instead of it`s slot at Club 2012, Mayhem`s new look is going down very well. New Manager Gary Langsdorff (below,right) talks about his plans for the club with enthusiasm. He says the club has already " come with a great team to move forward with" and that Mayhem "will grow enabling us to expand hours".

Gary (below) also says that Mayhem plans to "work in  some special events - hopefully at least once a week" and that he plans to" make it  the best (he) can". He has a special shout out about the new look of  the club - saying that " the current look as it is  wouldn't have worked as well as it has if I hadn't allowed Jenny Boo ( aka Jennifer002) to do the design for us - for which I am very thankful". This blogger thinks the place looks great,too, and wishes Gary and his team the very best of luck in their new venture.

                 Ps:- It was a "Best in Undies" event - the staff don`t dress this way all the time!

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