Elfishness - Santa`s Little Helpers


 After the Coach and Horses` huge "Best in Elves" party last night (92 avatars!), I got
to wondering about the origins of  the helpers of Santa and how far back their history went.
It turns out they haven`t been around in Christmas traditions for that long. Although the first mention of them was in a book by Louisa May Alcott in 1850- that work was never actually published. Elves` association  with  Christmas was mainly due to an illustration from the front of one of the first American women`s magazines in 1873. "Godey`s Lady Book " is also said to  have shown the first pictures of the modern Christmas tree over twenty years before and caused an immediate craze.
 How many magazines can boast such an impact on traditions?- must try harder Cosmo!

 But, some Christmas helpers date back a little further - especially in  European history.In Belgium and the Netherlands Sinterklaus (aka Santa)has a sidekick known as Zwart Piet, or Black Pete. He is a little controversial as he is depicted as a man with a blacked- out face, but he is the fun character who throws sweets to waiting children. However, in earlier stories he is the one who reports back to his boss on which children are worthy of presents and who has been too naughty to receive them. Readers of my other blogs may be interested to know that Norse god Odin had two black ravens who did a similar job.Is this a coincidence or could this be the origins of Zwart Piet?

The Elves wearing green is also a new development. In all the Nordic tales Santa`a helpers wore only red.

Some avatars at last nights event seemed to be using their imagination as to what your average elf would look like,too. But,hey, isn`t that what Second Life is all about? There`s plenty of chances to be creative with your outfit tonight in the London Sims ,though. The Coach and Horses` "Best in Christmas Songs or Stories" event begins at 11am (Second Life Time), so dress up as Rudolph or Frosty the Snowman, or go with the traditional Nativity story and come as one of the shepherds or the three wise kings. And then, after Club 2012`s  "Best in Red " contest its onto Mayhem`s "Best in Disney Characters" at 3pm (SLT). Remember the "Bare Necessities" with Baloo or join the "Circle of Life " as Simba , but remember its probably better to come as a Lady than a Tramp!
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