Christmas Stories in Hyde - The Legend of Babushka

 After the Coach and Horses` "Best in Christmas Songs or Stories" event I thought I`d look up some  versions of the Christmas story.
  In Russia, for example, there is the story of Babushka (no- not Kate Bush`s version!).Legend has it that when the biblical three kings (left and below??) were following the star to Bethlehem they stopped to rest in the village where Babushka lived.

They told her about the baby that was to be born and the star they followed and asked her to go,too. She was worried that she wasn`t dressed appropriately and that she didn` t have a gift suitable for a baby king. In some versions of the story she had lost her own baby boy, had gone to search out his toys to use as a gift , but found  them all dusty and set out to clean them. In other variations she is more worried about leaving her house unclean for days and needs to get on with the housework.

Either way, Babushka (below- or is that the Coach and Horses manager Jas?) is left behind and says that she will catch the three kings up.
But, by the time she is ready the star has moved in the sky and she can no longer tell which way they went. According to Russian folklore it is she that leaves presents for children at Christmas as she is doomed to search for the lost baby for eternity to give her gifts to him.

You lucky people in the London Sims don`t have to wait for Babushka to get to you - or even Santa himself. Come to the events at Club 2012 over the next few days to win some of the finest Linden Dollars!
Today`s first theme is "Best in Angels and Fairies (for the top of the Christmas Tree)". Don`t feel left out guys -remember all the angels in the Bible were male and all handsome angel men arriving at the club will be made to feel most welcome! Can we beat that elusive hundred avatar record tonight? We had 92 on Monday and 74 last night- come on make a special Christmas effort and lets smash that 100 avie barrier!

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