Angels of London and Mayan End of World Party

On Wednesday night the Coach and Horses had a "Best in Angels or Fairies" themed event.But,it does have to be said, not a single fairy attended! Angelic DJ Pyp (above,left) kept us in heavenly tunes, and host and Manager Jas (above,right) just polished her halo!

 However,it`s the supposed alien events of the next 24 hours that we will be celebrating today.

No, before you ask, we haven`t got the wrong day. Since the Mayans have predicted the end of the world for 3am (Second Life Time) tomorrow our usual partying  time will be far too late! 

Note:-The above images of the end of the world are just a guess and supplied from my archive of Second Life pictures!
    However, it`s worth remembering that it wasn`t just the Mayans who predicted 2012 as being the end of days- the Hopi Indians agreed on the dates, and the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt has inscriptions of 2012 as the end of the calender. I don`t suggest any mass suicides or panic, though -just come and have a great party at Club 2012 in Second Life.Then, tomorrow just sit back and see what wonderful things our real life world could be about to reveal to us!!

(Fingers crossed we`ll still have internet after the apocalypse!)
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